Our daughter has been dancing at D&G Studio for several years. The Studio has become a part of the fabric of our lives! Jeffie Lou, the instructors, the dance students and the parents come together as a unified community at D&G Dance. Our daughter has become a strong dancer, gained confidence, and made true friendships at D&G that we will cherish forever! We highly recommend D&G to your dancer and your family!


During his four years at D&G Studio, our son has thrived. Jeffie Lou brings so much to her students: her creativity as a choreographer, exciting performance opportunities, new classes and styles to keep our energetic young people interested and challenged.... No doubt about it; we're lucky to have D&G in our community!


The other day Sophia said she was happier then she has ever been. Finding and now being part of this supportive and creative community that D&G provides definitely stokes her joy.


My 8 yr old son absolutely loves his Hip Hop class. He is inspired by the teachers and other dancers and by what he is able to learn. He says he wants to live there, in the studio! He also is very impressed with the older kids, even in the brief exchanges at practice, he looks up to them and wants to dance like them. He sees himself growing up here.


My daughter had been dancing for years before we discovers D&G. She had a solid foundation from two different studios, but something was missing, something I could not quite put my finger on. I will get to what that was later in this story;) It was the summer of 2014, and we discovered D&G's summer camp, "Monsters"! The summer show that was presented after just two weeks of camp blew my mind!! How could Jeffie Lou get that many young dancers to pull off a show of that caliber with such little time??? We were sold!! I could not wait to see how she nurtured the dancers that were actually in her yearly company. Needless to say that first year with the studio blew my mind!! My daughter was challenged, and inspired. She was home!! I finally discovered what was missing. Each dancer is encouraged to bring their own unique style into each movement, which intern is a clear reflection of how confident these dancers are on stage and off!! This is why the dancers are beyond excited to come to class ready to work. D&G has heart, family, love, and teachers who mentor each child as if they were their own. Jeffie Lou, is that head "coach" that teaches them the foundations for a successful life including the importance of strong work ethic, respect for the craft and most of all respect for each other. At D&G they lift each other up, encourage each other to be brave, and take risks. This is one dance family we are truly proud to be a part of.....