D&G Dance Company is sponsored by the Allied Arts Foundation,

a non-profit organization.











Our Mission Statement:

D&G Dance Company is South Seattle Dance Company that is proud to have a committed diverse studio of dancers that are passionate about the art of dance. We work hard to introduce and instill just the right amount of self-expression, discipline, and passion in each of our students. Whether a student is dancing to gain technique, learn a new style, have fun in movement or planning to expand their possibilities in dance for their education, we are here to guide them along the way. Our goal is to allow each dancer to experience the elements of dance; confidence, coordination, creativity, grace, musicality, rhythm, self-esteem, technique, an appreciation for music and dance, and above all fun! In today's world, it is a little slice of heaven for our students to experience all of these positive uplifting feelings. Our studio is their second home and the teachers and fellow students are their family. D&G Dance is designed to prepare our students for every facet of the dance community. It is our responsibility as educators to have all of our students, from the youngest to oldest, to be well-rounded dancers and to prepare them for all avenues of the dance world. We are proud to have committed teachers that provide the highest level of dance education because they are in the industry as current working artist. We also strongly encourage discipline, collaboration, and work ethic. Our studio is a place of learning the art of dance, however learning the art of dance is also learning about oneself. Students are encouraged to express themselves in dance while also paying respect to themselves, fellow classmates, instructors, and the studio. These building blocks will not only help our students in the dance studio, but also in everyday life. D&G Dance Company provides all of our students with a balanced combination of technique, performance, artistry and life skills


D&G Dance Company