Our Story


Director Jeffie Lou had worked for Seattle Public Schools as their only Performing Arts teacher for years, with the Arts always being the target for budget cuts, she decided to open her own dance studio. D&G Dance Company was formed in 2010 for Summer Camps for youth.  We started with 14 dancers that Summer and we grown to a dance family of over 117. 

So what is unique about us?  Our foundation is Hiphop dance.  We are an urban studio that has the "come as you are" open door policy.  We are passionate about our craft and story tellers with our movement.  You might take our ballet class and instead of bars use a bright red chair or you might learn a breakdancing move as part of your contemporary choreography.  We are also a family.  We care and take care of one another.  We want all of dancers to succeed and they in turn want that for everyone else, even if its their competition from another studio.  We believe you can be competitive, brilliant AND be others biggest fan.  

Our teachers our creative, kind and tough.  We know we are help cultivate strong movers but also wonderful humans.  We have any past dancers think of our studio as THEIR HOME even if they've been gone many year.

We also have a policy that no student is turned away if they want to dance and cannot pay tuition.  We are proud to to have 20-30% of our dancers on studio scholarships.  Thank you for the generous donations from our families and other businesses.