Spotlight Dancer- Stella

Spotlight dancer is an exceptional student that continues to show growth by working hard in and out of the studio.  A dancer that shows and gives respect and kindness to ALL dance family members.  


Joining dance at D & G dance company has been the most honorable experience that one could imagine. Before I joined this company I was simply exploring the techniques and different forms of dance and I hadn't quite gotten a grasp for it yet but everything changed once I transferred here. Jeffie Lou, my dance teachers, and my dance colleagues have sparked an inspiration that I wasn't even aware that I had. I've only been dancing with D&G for just under 2 years but its felt like a lifetime. The many inspirational and talented people who have pushed my comforts and boundaries, have transformed me into a much better dancer. Though I still have lots to learn and experience, this community has helped me grow in the most powerful and efficient ways. I can now realize the importance's of knowing both your weaknesses and strengths as well as letting others help you expand your limits. With such a wonderful collaboration and encouragement, I'm so lucky to be where I am now as a proud dancer.