Party Packages/extra instruction

D&G Dance parties are a fun and easy way to make your child's birthday magical!!






House Parties:


Includes 1 hour of Hip Hop dance taught in your home. plus 1/2 hour of show time! We supply music. Kids will learn a dance routine and and then put on a show for friends and family! Parents are encouraged to videotape the performance. Also included, a music cd for the birthday girl/boy with all the latest songs from their favorite singers. (parents please email me the list of up to 10 songs/artists 3 days prior to the party.)

Cost: $300.00 (up to 10 kids, $10.00 per kid over 10 kids)


Dance Coach:


Dance instruction for dance teams, cheerleading and drill team. Are you running out of fun routines for your sports games or competitions? Come learn the latest dance moves from music videos and the club. A fusion of high-energy dance styles equates to this dance style that is hip-hop, which is featured in many music videos. You will learn a new, exciting routine to "show off" at your next event.

Cost: $200.00 an hour (up to 10 dancers, $10.00 per dancer over 10)


Individual Instruction:


Do you want to have fun and know how to dance when you go out? Check this out! Many people feel uncoordinated, stiff, and lack rhythm. After lessons you will have improved rhythm and coordination, learned how to approach and dance with whomever they want. Often times, people are shy/embarrassed to dance. I coach my students on how to have fun, be sexy and confident on the dance floor! People often repeat the same movements over and over again, therefore they look uninteresting. Students will learn moves moves to add to their "dance vocabulary" and how to vary them so they are not dancing the same movements repeatedly. I will teach you today's hottest dance moves you can use the next time you're out dancing in a club, bar or party. And instead of teaching you cheesy choreographed "routines" ... we decided to instead teach you a bunch of individual dance moves. So when you're out dancing it will look and feel totally natural... instead of memorized and rehearsed.

Cost: $200.00 an hour ( In your home or studio.)